Primary Stats:

Weapon Skill: This indicates what amount of skill you need in the specific category in your "Proficiency Stats".

Strength Required:

Tells you how much strength you need to wield the weapon.

Secondary Stats:

These are "Accuracy, Reloading, and Critical" stats that are attached to the weapon. In order for the equipped weapon to perform the best, you have to meet the same amount in your "Player Stats".

*You can still use weapons with out having met these stats, it just wont perform the best*

Leveling and improving your survivor is one of the most important tasks to do in Dead Zone, here is the list of levels and the required amount of EXP. Up to level 49. *Levels past 49 stay at 185,00 as of now,*

Every level you surpass, you get 5 points for Player Stats, and 5 in Proficiency Stats.

*The character points have a cap at 100 as of right now, the game will let you put more in, but it will have no effect for now*


Player Stats: 

Strength: Used for being able to carry and use weapons *doesn't affect damage done*

Endurance: Increases total health and energy generation.

Agility: Increases how fast you walk and run.

Accuracy: Increases how accurate you are with projectile weapons.

Reloading : Increases how fast you reload with weapons.

Critical: Increases critical chance with your weapons.

Proficiency Stats:

When you put points into any of these categories, it improves your skill in wielding that specific type of weapon.