Bunker Basics

Welcome to Bunker Basics! Here we will provide an overview prior to visiting your first bunker in Dead Zone!

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Each Bunker consists of these sections:

  • Inner City- This is the entrance of the bunker

  • Crafting- This is your very own personal crafting station! Craft a wide variety of items here, read more here -->

  • Records- This is the place to go if you need to find information on an in game item while inside the bunker

  • Yard- This is where you can manage your inventory and character

  • Vault- This is where you store your cash *note* be sure to store your cash in here so it's safe...wouldn't want to be dying with a big wad in your pocket out there

  • Storage- Store all your items here! You start with one whole page, and you can buy more starting at 25K for the next 5 slots!

  • Credit shop- This is where you spend the premium currency in Dead Zone, "Credits". You can buy premium items/services here.

  • Exit- Simply exits the game.

*Note* Not everything here is going to stay the same, it will change overtime due to the game still being in early development.

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Crafting Page 1
Crafting Page 1



The yard can seem a little complicated to new survivors, so here is a more detailed explanation.


The Yard consists of these functions:

  • Tailor & Master Tailor- This is going to be phased out soon, so don't worry about this option( getting replaced with skins )

  • Mastercraft & Godcraft- A mastercrafted(MC) item is more powerful than other non MC items, MC increases the 3 following stats Accuracy, Reloading, Critical (in that order) by a random interval . It is displayed like this: #/#/#. Godcraft(GC) will instantly give the item a 8/8/8 craft.

  • Scrap- You can click and drag any item over to this to "scrap" that item and receive money for it

  • Engrave- With this, you can rename any item in the game anything you want! (Swears are allowed, as long as it isn't racist.)

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